Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cosmo Cricket blog

Hey all!

Has anyone been over to check out the Cosmo Cricket blog? You really need to go over there...they are always doing fun stuff there! Right now they have a video clip up there about a paper release for CHA in July and the fun has begun! Head over and check it out-


NanaBeth said...

I know I'm going nuts trying to find the early release on the net!

Norma Kennedy said...

Changed it up a bit here- I like the Blue ! I luv Cosmo Cricket and am excited about their DT call as well !!!!


Jen said...

I saw the Cosmo Cricket blog yesterday. Super exciting!! (Jen M. from Croppinsville)

Beverley Todd said...

LOL! Laughed so hard it hurt!! I'm definitely up for the DT call too - would be mad not to give it a shot!