Friday, May 30, 2008

Lil' Davis

Ok, check out some of this product from Lil' Davis Designs! I've always loved this company and was thrilled when May (Lead Fiskateer) sent me some goodies to try! This particular line is so bright and sunny that it made me smile and what better way to use it that for a layout with my daughters bright and cheery smile!

For this layout I used a Bird of Paradise 12x12 die cut sheet (the orange and yellow) and a sheet of Calliope, plus these totally cool felt alphas and buttons all from the Lil' Davis Castaway line. I also used the sentiments stamps which have some wonderful shaped journaling boxes on them plus lots of other goodies. Notice how I filled in the die cut flowers with circle punched coordinating cardstock to pull the dots from the patterned paper. I also punched different sized colored dots and tucked them under the journaling oval layering as I went. What fun things you can do with some punches and a couple pieces of paper, huh?

Anyway, this layout was a breeze with the fun papers and embellishments I used. If you run across some Lil' Davis stuff I'd love to be inspired by what you create so come back to my blog and post and link to share with me!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How many of you have dreams? Something special that you would really like to do or have, maybe a career you want? Well, I am guessing we all have dreams. Some of them will become realities and some of them might not, but I think life is all about setting goals, dreaming, and making things happen. Some things you can make happen on your own, and some things you need some help along the way. Anyway, no matter how you get to your dream it is or will be special! Stephanie (Fiskateer Lead) made a blog post today that inspired me to make this post on my own blog, so here goes!

So I have a dream I am going to share with all of you!

I have been a Paper Crafter for many years now and a crafter of many things for my entire life! Within the past 5 years I have felt like Paper Crafting is my professional calling. It is what I am supposed to be doing from a career perspective. I've thought long and hard about what I would love to do and there are some favorite things I love about paper crafting.
1. Getting to share paper crafting with so many others through conversation, demos, teaching, blogging, photos, etc.
2. Using my original career path as a teacher to design and create classes to teach to so many. I love working with people, love sharing, love inspiring, and love being inspired by each person I meet.
3. Actually designing using product is another love I have. There is nothing quite so satisfying as grabbing some papers and embellishments and seeing what happens with them! I love, love, love designing projects!

Quite a long time ago now I found the Fiskateer website. The site has 4 Leads who blog regularly and share paper crafting, a message board where everyone posts and chats (a very positive place), an events calendar, and so many things going on over there. Anyway it was about October 2007 that I started wondering how those Leads got to be Leads. The weird thing is that a couple of months later they put out a call for new Leads! Well, this seemed like the perfect fit for me and I felt an immense pull towards Fiskars. (I still do) I'd get to combine everything I love about Paper crafting all in one place, so I threw my application in the ring. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and I was not chosen for the opportunity. For some reason that wasn't what I was supposed to be doing and I have to trust why that is, and I don't have the answer yet!

So I am dreaming.....dreaming of actually being employed in the Paper Crafting industry either part time or full time. That is my dream and what I will continue to aim for! So signing off for tonight..................and continuing to dream my dream!


Ok, I've had a special request to share a project photo! Since the Disney princess room has only been painted to this point and I have many other things to do, I will save that project for another time.

We started this deck and patio project last summer and due to supplies being on back ordered we didn't get it all completed then so we had some to finish this spring. Now it is officially complete with the exception of some landscaping!


Hello faithful blog readers! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

My weekend was filled with projects! We finished our deck and patio and had our neighbors over for a deck warming party. We also painted my daughter's bedroom...goodbye Sesame Street and welcome Disney Princesses! I've got many more home project left since I still need to plant all of my flowers and my vegetable garden. But I am making progress.

I have also been fitting in some time to work on my Clear Scraps CHA projects...sorry I still can't share! I'm sure it will be awhile before I can, but just know once I get the green light you will see what I have been up to!

I also have a couple more Cosmo Cricket classes coming up in June at the Scrapbook Studio in Wausau, WI. I love teaching and cannot wait to head for the Studio again! Jeanne is wonderful there and takes such good care of her customers!

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Here!!!!!!!!!

I got it! All the lucious new items that will be released at CHA summer in Chicago by Clear Scraps! That's right, a whole box of totally awesome, brand spankin' new Clear Scraps designs! Oh, I really wish I could open the box and give you a peek, but you shall have to wait. I know, I feel like I am dangling something really cool right in front of your faces (because I am) yet, I am not able to share. Believe me it will be worth the wait!

I cannot say anymore....................but stay tuned to my blog because as soon as I get the thumbs up to release some sneak peeks, they will be here on my blog!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crafty Board

Has anyone seen Crafty board from Worldwin Papers? I didn't even know it existed until I watched a Fiskars TV clip over on the Fiskars Crafts website. Anyway, after watching the video I had to have some to try!

I ordered some from yesterday. Man those folks pack and ship fast. Of course I only live a little over an hour from their shipping facility so that may have something to do with it! I ordered yesterday before 2:00 pm CST and it came via UPS today! I have already had it out of the package to play with and it is a great product. Very sturdy and easy to work with!

Anyway, over the next few days I am going to play around with it and once I have something created I will of course share right here on my Paper Fashions blog!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Altered Items

This has to be one of my favorite times of the year! The weather is getting warmer, the leaves are popping open everywhere, flowers are in bloom, and I get to do some gardening! Another one of my favorite things to do! You see, I get to design in the garden as well...LOL.

Anyway back to my point of altered items. You see, this time of year not only are flowers popping up everywhere but so are rummage sales. I am not by nature a rummage sale kind of person. In fact before the past 2 years I can count on one hand the number of rummage sales I had been to. And then I began altering everything I could get my hands on! Man, there is nothing like hitting rummage sales for cool stuff. It is totally amazing what you can find for a quarter. I am in altering heaven after hitting a few of them just in my neighborhood alone! I use many of these items in my work with manufacturers to display in their booth at CHA. These are always such a hit because they are out of the ordinary. I've done clocks, and frames, and some "usual" items. But then I've done some unusual things too like altering a pie plate by weaving paper on the top to make a paper pie, then adding an altered rolling pin, recipe card, and pie server! A whole pie set that I got at a few rummage sales for about $3.00. (in fact this is the set pictured above)

So if you are not a rummage sale type and you are an altered items type......................well, you are missing out on some cool treasures. Hit a few sales, think outside the box and see what you can find. And I would love to see what you find so feel free to post a link to a picture you have. If you really want to be creative do a before and after photo for me! I'd love to see.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Favorites!

Ok, I have a new favorite tool. That is right, a brand new favorite!

You can see it in the picture and I can tell you that it isn't just "my" favorite tool. I think there is a very long list of folks out there in search of this tool. Right now it is hard to find and I know folks who are searching everywhere for one! I feel lucky, oh so lucky that I happened to be in Target at just the right time to be the first one to grab one of these!

I have used this on so many projects lately. Not just on layouts but cards, mini albums, etc. In fact if you scroll down a couple of posts you can see where I used it on the tropical Sunrise matchbook mini album! There it is right on the front and guess what I filled the holes with? Some darling raised little rain dots from Cloud 9 designs! They were the perfect size to fit snug in those holes. And just think of all the other possibilities!

Yep, I have to say this is my new favorite! If you have been lucky enough to find one leave me a post and let me know where. If you are still looking, well I can tell you that it is well worth the wait!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mom's out there, a very happy Mother's day!

Yesterday I spent the entire day at the Scrapbook Studio in Wausau, WI teaching some classes with Cosmo Cricket product. I had such a great time with the ladies there that took my classes. Everyone was so nice and so much fun and they really knew how to use that Cosmo Cricket! I have a couple more classes planned there in June and I hope to meet even more wonderful scrappers! Thanks to all of you for making my Saturday so much fun! And a huge thanks to Jeanne the owner of the Studio for being so excited about Cosmo Cricket and inviting me to teach in her store! If you have not been to the Scrapbook Studio you should really pop many cool things! Did you know Jeanne carries 3 of the new lines from Cosmo Cricket? She carries Get Happy, Fleuriste, and Honey Pie. They were certainly a hit in class yesterday!

Oh, and did you know Cosmo Cricket just released a brand new line this past week? If you have not gotten to check it out head to their website where you can see it. It is awesome! (as always)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Make and Take

If you are visiting and happen to be a Fiskateer, then make sure you check the Fiskateer blog today! I created a special make and take mini album that you can download a PDF of on the site with photos and full instructions so you can create your very own!

If you are not a Fiskateer, you really should join. It is great fun and a positive community. All kinds of freebies and giveaways and overall just a fun place to hang out!

Everyone there is so willing to share and you will learn so much about crafting!

If anyone wants to know how to join just send leave me a message!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Huge thanks...and winners!

Thanks to each of you who took the time to head over to Croppinsville and post on the "Going Green" thread! You will have to keep poking your heads back in over there because Allie has a lot of fun coming your way!

Now, on to the grand prize winner! You are all winners here so do not stop reading after you see the grand prize winner, ok? There is a little treat for everyone! So I put everyones name in a hat and pulled out....

Loyaz, you are the lucky winner! I will need your mailing address and will get your special surprise out to you right away! Congrats!

Ok, now for the rest of you! Send me an e-mail at the address below and I will send you instructions to create a Clear Acrylic album for Summer! Ideal for vacations, the beach, pool, or any summer fun you may be having. Send off an e-mail to me and in the subject line put, "Free Summer Class." I will reply to you and send you a word document so you can make your very own album!

Thanks again to everyone for continuing to come here to visit my blog!

Cosmo Cricket Classes this weekend!

I am so very excited to be teaching some upcoming Cosmo Cricket classes at the Scrapbook Studio in Wausau, WI. The two photos above are sneak peeks of the two classes I will be teaching in May and June.
The last Cosmo Cricket classes I taught were at a large convention in Minneapolis and out of 5 classes with 200 total seats available, all sold out within 10 minutes of registration opening! So you can see how wildly popular they are! Tomorrow (April 29) is class kick off at the studio and you will want to make sure you stop by for the preview to sign up and hold your seat. If you cannot make it to the class kick off event, then just make sure to call Jeanne at the Studio and sign up over the phone so you don't miss out.
Cosmo Cricket is one of the hottest companies out there in the Scrapbooking world and is owned by some fantastic folks. If you don't believe me, just visit the Cosmo Cricket blog. They are so much fun and just all around great people! A company I am very proud to be designing and teaching for!
I will also give you a link below to the Cosmo Cricket website so you can browse the awesome product they have offered over the past 2 years. In the Wausau classes we will be using the brand new Get Happy and Fleuriste collections. So Wausau, you are getting some of the hottest classes with the latest releases from Cosmo Cricket!
If we get a great response from Central Wisconsin, I will gladly come back to do more Cosmo Cricket classes! Make sure to get signed up today!
See you in Wausau!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hey all!

Here is a fun little quiz on a tea website for you to take just for kicks!

National Scrapbook Day Gift!

Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone!

Ok, I have a little Scrapbooking surprise to give away to someone! All you have to do is follow the instructions in the post right under this one (contest and favor), come back to this thread and post that you completed the task and you are entered to win! The value of this prize is $15.00 and the only other thing I will tell you is that it is a hot trend right now!

You have until May 7th and then I will randomly choose a winner from those that posted they completed the task! I will announce the winner on my blog on the 7th so you will have to come back to the blog to see if you were chosen!

Oh, and there will be a grand prize winner, but all of you will be winners because I do have a little something for everyone who completes this task!

Thanks for playing!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Contest and Favor!

Ok my loyal and faithful blog readers....I am posting a fun contest at the link below! Here is the deal...go check it out and when you leave your comment for the blog contest at Croppinsville, make sure you mention you heard about it on Lisa Falduto's blog! Because I have the chance to win a prize too as a member of the Design team making referrals to their site. Anyway, link there now, make a comment in the contest and mention my name in your post!

Thanks everyone, and good luck!