Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Favorites!

Ok, I have a new favorite tool. That is right, a brand new favorite!

You can see it in the picture and I can tell you that it isn't just "my" favorite tool. I think there is a very long list of folks out there in search of this tool. Right now it is hard to find and I know folks who are searching everywhere for one! I feel lucky, oh so lucky that I happened to be in Target at just the right time to be the first one to grab one of these!

I have used this on so many projects lately. Not just on layouts but cards, mini albums, etc. In fact if you scroll down a couple of posts you can see where I used it on the tropical Sunrise matchbook mini album! There it is right on the front and guess what I filled the holes with? Some darling raised little rain dots from Cloud 9 designs! They were the perfect size to fit snug in those holes. And just think of all the other possibilities!

Yep, I have to say this is my new favorite! If you have been lucky enough to find one leave me a post and let me know where. If you are still looking, well I can tell you that it is well worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

you and me both!

Norma Kennedy said...

So glad for U but way jealous :' )

I have been on the hunt with no success. Cant wait to see your fab projects using it.


Marcie said...

I soooo want one of these, hopefully one will come my way in the near future! Glad you found one!

Sudie said...

One of my faves too!