Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How many of you have dreams? Something special that you would really like to do or have, maybe a career you want? Well, I am guessing we all have dreams. Some of them will become realities and some of them might not, but I think life is all about setting goals, dreaming, and making things happen. Some things you can make happen on your own, and some things you need some help along the way. Anyway, no matter how you get to your dream it is or will be special! Stephanie (Fiskateer Lead) made a blog post today that inspired me to make this post on my own blog, so here goes!

So I have a dream I am going to share with all of you!

I have been a Paper Crafter for many years now and a crafter of many things for my entire life! Within the past 5 years I have felt like Paper Crafting is my professional calling. It is what I am supposed to be doing from a career perspective. I've thought long and hard about what I would love to do and there are some favorite things I love about paper crafting.
1. Getting to share paper crafting with so many others through conversation, demos, teaching, blogging, photos, etc.
2. Using my original career path as a teacher to design and create classes to teach to so many. I love working with people, love sharing, love inspiring, and love being inspired by each person I meet.
3. Actually designing using product is another love I have. There is nothing quite so satisfying as grabbing some papers and embellishments and seeing what happens with them! I love, love, love designing projects!

Quite a long time ago now I found the Fiskateer website. The site has 4 Leads who blog regularly and share paper crafting, a message board where everyone posts and chats (a very positive place), an events calendar, and so many things going on over there. Anyway it was about October 2007 that I started wondering how those Leads got to be Leads. The weird thing is that a couple of months later they put out a call for new Leads! Well, this seemed like the perfect fit for me and I felt an immense pull towards Fiskars. (I still do) I'd get to combine everything I love about Paper crafting all in one place, so I threw my application in the ring. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and I was not chosen for the opportunity. For some reason that wasn't what I was supposed to be doing and I have to trust why that is, and I don't have the answer yet!

So I am dreaming.....dreaming of actually being employed in the Paper Crafting industry either part time or full time. That is my dream and what I will continue to aim for! So signing off for tonight..................and continuing to dream my dream!


connie said...

Lisa thanks for sharing your dream with us. It sounds like a dream that is very possible. You do beautiful work. Hopefully by the end of this year you will have that dream come true!

connie said...

connie fiskateer #2909

simplybeadiful said...

Lisa- You were kind enough to help me start clarifying my own dreams with our discussion the other night. I think that we each have a calling in life and that if we are willing to open our hearts and listen to that voice we can find where our true happy path lies. Since my goal is to "live a life creative" I feel so fortunate to have you as a friend! Who better to help me nurture my creative desires and support me than you! You are wildly creative and I know that this is the path you are meant to take. I am proud of what you have accomplished and excited for the new directions in your own path. Much success to you! Erin

NanaBeth said...

Keep dreaming sweetie you have so much talent and creativity-your dreams will come true!
BethW #2906

From The Owls' Nest said...

you are one of the most creative people I see on Fiskars and I truly think they missed the mark there.....but you are right....there must be something bigger and better for you in the future....Keep Dreaming Big!!!

Maya said...

I don't have any doubts that your dream will come true!