Thursday, October 23, 2008

I did it!

I created my very first online scrapbook! This was so cool and man could I see doing that for Christmas gifts! You create one book and then order several copies to give to everyone!

I made a book of our vacation to Washington DC this past August and basically you upload your photos to the site and then drag and drop there where you want them in the book. Then you click on the text and then hit edit and add your journaling by your photos.

So my book is done and next I want to try a calendar. Once I receive my book in the mail I will post some pictures here on the blog so make sure you keep checking back so you can see my finished project! I will keep you posted on the calendar as well because that would be a totally awesome Christmas gift! I believe you will be able to start making those on October 25th.

Check it out...


MaryNSC said...

OOO I did one .. But I did it of my cat.. Then I did About 3 r 4 of my sisters art..They turn out FANTASTIC!!!

MaryNSC said...

UT O that not the one I used..:O(
SORRY! BUt it LOOKS FANTASTIC I can not wait to see yours.

Debby said...

Lisa, if they put in my secret code they will get a retailer's special with stories by everyone. hmmmmmm

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