Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something new....really new!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my entire life I have had either a black or brown purse. No other color. Very basic, very boring. Well I really didn't think it was boring until recently.

Lately I've been thinking of breaking out of my hum drum purse routine. Spotted this one today and it was perfect for this spring and summer. Fabric instead of leather, light and fun, and all around big change for me. Well, except the size as I like small purses better than large ones so I stuck with a smaller sized bag.

So leave a comment and let me know........

1. What is your purse style?
2. What do you think of my new purse?


i cant sew said...

i have always been a black girl and still am although i was recently given a beautiful hand made bag in blues and it si so nice i cant bear to use it. and since having kids my bag has increased to the size of a overnight bag to house all their 'crap'.
grat little blog
%*_*% rosey

Melissa said...

I like your new purse. I like a;; kinds of purses. I am loving canvas and VB purses right now. I never was into the coach or the LV ones

TesoriTrovati said...

WOOT! WOOT! Cheers for the color Lisa! Your paper style is so bright and bubbly it is a wonder that you haven't discovered this style sooner. I actually thought you had managed to glue paper to a purse before I read the post. LOL!
You know my style is certainly eclectic. Best purse money ever spent was on the custom designed bag from 1154 Lill Studio for my 40th. Pricey but totally mine. I get so many compliments on it. There are so many fabulous designers on Etsy slinging their bags. You have broken open the floodgates, dear. Prepare to be complimented! Accessories are the way to celebrating who you are! ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Tona said...

My purse also has always been solid brown. It's so hard to find a purse I like. It has to be a cetain size & has to have a certain amount of dividers & pockets. I like your new purse. It's a happy looking purse.

Anonymous said...

i love it! perfect for the first non 'boring' the colors!

i am a clutch, love, love clutches...i also love to have a larger bag/purse that i can toss the clutch into when i need something more...this system works perfectly for me!

have a happy day!

michelle said...

I love it and I so know what you mean I have always had one color purses the farthest out I have gone now is cow print with red and this last week I got one made from old drink wrappers or candy wrappers.

Anonymous said...

colors don't matter when it comes to my style but it MUST have a strap that I can sling over my shoulder!! That bag is really cute by the way.

Chris C said...

Well this certainly isn't black or brown lol, its great, perfect for summer.
Mine is a red one at the moment, but I am looking for a green one, I like to have a bit of colour in my handbags.

pattyb said...

I don't really have a purse style. I just about do whatever I feel like. And my brother sells purses so whenever I visit I pick out a few. Gotta help my little brother stay in business. So I have quite a few to choose from.

pattyb said...

BTW...I forgot to say, love your purse. Very good for the coming warm weather.