Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost Tooth!

So this morning we were up early.....very early! You know as parents that although you have a plan in your mind, well things don't go quite as planned. Like you plan to go to bed at a certain time and then get up at a certain time. I think your kids see you as having all this power and making all the decisions when in fact while we get to do that some of the time, our kids don't realize how much they really dictate your life without even knowing it!

For example this morning our 6 year old comes in the bedroom at 5:30 am..........seriouly! She yells, "guess what"? Oh come on, it's 5:30 and surely I do not share your same enthusiasm at this time of day. So I look and the girlie is grinning from ear to ear. I say, "why in the world are you up so early it is only 5:30"? To which I hear this reply, "but mom, I lost my tooth"!

Ok, so rewind....yesterday it was very loose. We worked off and on all day trying to get it out but it was really still hanging on very tightly in the front. So we left it figuring that today would be a new day. Well it 5:30 am! Of course she was so excited she would not go back to sleep. So guess what? We were all up at 5:30 am to start our day.

Yep, that is the life of a parent......that is what it is all about....that is what we signed on for. She has been beaming all day long and every place we have gone she makes sure that they know about her tooth. We went to the bank and they didn't notice so she makes this comment like "oh, wow it feels so weird where this tooth used to be" which of course let to an inquiry by the teller. In other words, "hint, hint." She has been so cute, so funny.

So you notice in the above photo that it appears the tooth has grown at a rapid rate since this morning?  Not so!  Her two bottom teeth were actually growing in behind the existing baby teeth so it really had a head start before it finally pushed the one in front of it out!

So she calls me "Nana Banna Wanna" and I call her Nina Beana Weena", kind of silly names. Anyway, today I am calling her "Nina Beana, my toothless Weena." I asked her if she likes that and she grinned at me with that toothless grin and said, "love it mom."


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KateB said...

adorable pics! don't forget the tooth fairy comes !