Monday, July 12, 2010

For a chance to win a Paper Fashions Boutique kit..............

Head over to my facebook page and take a look at my wall. You can get to my facebook page by looking at this blog home page and scrolling down. There is a link to facebook on the right hand side! It will take you to my page and then click on profile to see my wall. Good luck all!



Dawn said...

Hey Lisa, Did you see my message to you on SDU forum? Thought I would stop in to say Hello.
I will pop in and check out facebook page.

Sandra said...

Hi Lisa! I'm trying one more time to leave a comment. Been trying a lot, but it won't take. Something to do with being logged into the wrong email address. I haven't figured out a cure just yet, but I will. Hope all is well... and sorry, I don't use facebook.