Sunday, July 13, 2008

I couldn't resist!

So I was in the thrift store again looking for unique things to alter. Yep, that is my favorite place to go to find cool stuff I can alter for work at trade shows. (that and the Dollar Store) It is so cool because you find unique things from maybe years ago that are just treasures waiting for the perfect line of paper! Just ask my husband who reminds me often that the entire shelf covered in alterable items in our storage room needs to be organized!

So yesterday I am browsing and out of the corner of my eye I see the cutest little lantern. What did I immediately think of? Yep, the new Cosmo Cricket Mr. Campy line! So I grabbed my $3.00 purchase and brought it home and altered it!

I created the top of the lantern using small punched squares of patterned paper scraps. Can you believe that after making all these Mr. Campy projects shown on my blog I still have some patterned paper left? Anyway, I arranged these in a patchwork fashion and then trimmed the ends around the top circular opening and the bottom edge and then inked around the outside edges. Inside the lantern is a battery operated tealight for a cool look! The acorn on the front is the blackboard chipboard shapes that go with Mr. Campy and the cool thing Cosmo did was to make the die cuts self adhesive. And if that isn't enough the blackboard chipboard pieces are now self-adhesive. (whoops, no they are not, see Julie's post in the comments below)


Sara said...

I really like this! Wow. Who knew an altered lantern could be so COOL?!

Beverley Todd said...

Oh that's cute! LOL. Love your halloween projects too - didn't realise the blackboard shapes were also self adhesive now - love using the 'ready set' chipboard ... so self adhesive is good! LOL

MaryNSC said...

Dont tell to many about our thrift store.. They will get all our goodies..;o)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love this lantern. =)

Julie said...

Hey Lisa,

The Blackboard I sent you was a pre-production sample where we were testing adhesive Blackboard. It failed the test. The new Blackboard will not be self adhesive. Here's why:
1. The adhesive is white and if you want the Blackboard to overhand your album page, the white is really ugly and sticky too.
2. The adhesive wasn't sticky enough. It didn't hold permanently and would fall off projects anywhere from a few hours to a few days later.
3. The adhesive made the Blackboard warp.

So, the blackboard isn't sticky, but you're right, the die cuts are and they fit perfectly!

L said...

Lov your cute altered lantern and for 3 bucks, what a find!
I would love to see your blog class, if it is going to be anything like your other projects...count me in!

Janean Campbell said...

You've definenelty one this alterable creativity award in my book. All your altered items are superb.

Cindy said...

How cute is that!