Friday, July 11, 2008

I love Cosmo Cricket

If you are a regular reader here you know I have made no secret of how much I love Cosmo Cricket! I have to tell you that it isn't just the paper either! The products are all fantastic, creative, and so easy for me to work with. But even more than that, it is the Cosmo Cricket people. The entire group is fun, energetic, quirky, and down to earth nice! Some really great folks at Cosmo!

Many times we love product and become loyal to product because we like it and it fits who we are. It fits our style and what we enjoy working with. But how often do you take time to reflect what is behind the product? Probably not often...and I know I don't when I eat a can of beans, or buy a hot dog, etc.

Anyway for today, enjoy the Cosmo posts I make, knowing that behind the fantastic product is also a group of talented and fantastic people!