Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend crop!

Ok, trying to catch up on sleep after my weekend crop! I had a great time and talked to so many people that were there scrapbooking! There was a total of 53 women and we had a huge room and each of use had our own table. Plenty of room to spread out. I do this crop every fall and it is awesome! For $55 it includes your crop space, a goodie bag, and all of your meals. The crop starts on Friday evening and ends Sunday at noon. Anyway, I ate way too much, talked way to much, didn't get anywhere close to my long list of projects completed.........but I had a great time!

I'd love to hear about your crop stories or how you get projects accomplished! Leave me a comment below!

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Misty said...

Come on Lucky number 1! I got my kit and can't wait to see the class!