Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your opinions please!

Ok, I have been staring at my blog and I think it is totally boring! Really.........other than my posts nothing very colorful about it! Not that my posts are always that colorful either...LOL. I've been considering doing a blog make-over but decided to get your opinions before I do anything!

So would you visit more often or send more people to look if I had a cute and dressed up blog? Or, doesn't it make any difference to you what it looks like?

Please a commment and let me know what you like about my blog, what you don't like, and if you think it needs to be spruced up!


Jenn said...

My blog isn't very fancy, I'm waiting for my hubby to do it in his free time so it's not gonna happen ;) lol

In all honest though, I know it's CUTE when blogs are all redone, but once I see it the first time I hardly notice it anymore. I do like the cute little signatures though.

TesoriTrovati said...

Well...since you asked...(skip below if you don't want to read my rambling musings :)

Long Answer: Yes, I think you are due for a blog make-over! Your blog should be a consistent representation of your brand, your style. This is so not your style, Lisa! And I say that with love!

Early on in my blogging days, I found a company called Cutest Blogs On The Block (there are loads of other ones like that out there). They offer FREE backgrounds and there were loads to choose from! I found one that perfectly fit my style and now I don't vary it (I have only come across one other blog in all my travels around blogdom that has the same).

I know there are some who change the background frequently but I think that shouldn't change. I want my readers (84 today!) to know when they are at my site. The thing I do change (because staying the same is boring :) is the blog header. I try to pick something each month that I have created and make a simple header from the picture in Photoshop (I can help you with that). Then I just pop it up there. Fresh outlook in no time flat.

Short Answer: Yes. Change is good.

Will still read your blog no matter what!
Enjoy the day! Erin

.................... said...

I will read no matter what it looks like. I check out the little preview on my blogger dashboard and if I want to read the blog, I click and go.

BUT - if you do want to spruce up a bit, there is a site with some beautiful and FREE blogger backgrounds - there's a link in my sidebar under "Some Sites To See" - check it out:

HeatherQ said...

I am a follower of your blog because of the content. I use my blogger dashboard page to see the first few sentences of every blog I follow. If the content isn't worth my time, I don't read that page, no matter how cute they may decorate.

That being said, I appreciate a cute blog-mosphere. I just changed my looks with a new background from Cutest Blogs on the Block (the same one Erin mentioned). It was VERY EASY to put on my blog page. Sometimes, you just need a bit of fun in your life. If your blog feels boring, jazz it up. Just don't forget to keep the great content coming or your readers won't continue.

Happy Scrapping!

mustangkayla said...

I read your blog through Google Reader most of the time, so I really don't see it all that often. I love google reader as it allows me to look at tons of blogs a lot quicker, but then I miss out on all the links on the sidebars and seeing the actual blogs.

soccerboyzmom said...

I come to your blog to read your inspiration and see your projects. I guess it is nice to be cutsey, but sometimes i don't even look since I don't spend that much time on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Well I come to read your stuff and see your work...I have no blog so matters not to me if u cutesy it up or not...cuz I aint leaving lol...I appreciate you for sure! Cher

Denean said...

I am new to the sight. If you want to spruce it up, I say go for it!

Cathy said...

Love your blog, however you present it. I come for the inspiration, not the cutsie :)


jen said...

I too mostly come via google reader- only if I'm going to leave a comment do I end up on your actual blog. So I guess if it's not bothering you I wouldn't worry about it! I did my blog through cutest blogs too- it is super easy, but not necessary! :)

Tona said...

I visit a lot of blogs but the blogs I visit most often are the ones that update their content frequently, amuse me, or I learn something from. There are a handful that I visit on a daily basis & yours is one of those.
So, for me, the content of the blog is more important then how pretty it is.

rebecca lucille said...

First, a dressed up blog is nice ... but I really love the "meat and potatoes" of your blog.... so I really wouldn't visit more often...just because it's pretty... I visit everyday because you have something to say or show!
Secondly, if a dressed up blog makes YOU happy... I say go for it!!!

Suzi said...

What I look at are the pictures in the posts. . .i.e.,what I can learn from what you've done. The header, etc., doesn't matter much to me. :o)

doverdi said...

Rarely do I pay attention to the "cuteness" of a blog. I visit because of their talent & creativity & the fact that I am inspired by their creativity. All that cuteness fades into the background when I find a post that inspires me. If you want to change for yourself, do so but don't change for us...we're going to come & visit regardless.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

dress it up! make it look like you! this is my first visit and I a have to admit I was surprised it was not more creative for such an amazingly creative person!