Friday, July 31, 2009

Cards for Heroes!

How often do you create for something charitable? Well, I've been giving this some thought for quite some time...what to do, what organization is out there that I feel really good about sending some crafty goodness to?

So after searching long and hard I decided on Cards for Heroes! They send cards to military men and women overseas who are serving our country. They receive the cards and then they have something special to send home to their wife, parents, children, friends, and other loved ones. This is so nice and not only is fun for the service men and women, but provides some comfort to those waiting back home.

So I created 8 halloween cards and sent them out the other day! I challenge you to do create some cards too if you feel like getting involved with this organization. I will be creating more cards to send and next time I do, I plan to take photos before I send them to post to my blog!

If you decide to create and send I would love to hear about it. I'd love to know what you created and how many you sent and if you plan to continue! So leave a post on this thread to let me know, ok? Here is the website for more information!


TesoriTrovati said...

Great idea Lisa!

RitaS said...

Hi Lisa - I have lots of materials left from Fiskars and Cosmo Cricket from my "Cards for Soldiers" events, and figured this winter I would sit down and make a bunch of cards for "Heroes". This week, however, I used the supplies to create 2 sets of a dozen, gorgeous cards for a silent auction fundraiser for Rhett's syndrome - which is a disabling form of autism. I never heard of the disease before, but found out one of the students at our elementary school has it, and learned she lives nearby. I wanted to do what I could, and made the cards and mini-album for the cause. My boss actually allows me to make these, for the most part, on his time as a service to the community - I love that I can incorporate my right brain into my left brained job every once in a while. (LOL)

Beryl said...

I actually saw that site a few weeks ago, bookmarked it and promtly forgot about it! So thanks for the reminder and inspiration. I'll definitely do some cards. I'll post them on my blog too so let me see yours as well next go round.

MaryNSC said...

OOO I just got a email from them today.. The sisters are coming tomorrow we are going to make a BUNCH and I M going to take them to CKS Saturday the 15th..