Friday, September 3, 2010

Want to join?

Back at the end of June I joined the Cricut Circle. What is the Cricut Circle? It is a group of Cricut enthusiasts who chat on a message board for members only,  attend events in their area and around the country sponsored by Provo Craft, have an opportunity to enter/win contests, have an inspiring monthly magazine in PDF format, chances to win weekly prizes, you get 4 exclusive member only Cricut cartridges per year, etc.  That is a brief summary and more is coming I've heard!  But let me tell you what my experience has been like in the past two months.

I joined the Cricut Circle at the end of June.  It started July 1st.  I received my welcome package about the 3rd week in July containing the first exclusive members only Cricut Cartridge called French Manor.  I also was invited to the special Provo Craft gala event at CHA in Chicago as a Circle Member.  I attended and as a result was given a new Cricut Imagine ($599 retail value).  I also got a brand new cartridge ($89 retail value) Next I attended a larger event a couple of days later at the CHA consumer show where there were over 100 members in attendance.  Not only was it fun talking with fellow Cricut members, but hearing about all the upcoming Cricut stuff from Provo Craft was also awesome!  At the end of this event I won a Cricut Cake! ($299 retail value) Yeah!

Then there was a Wisconsin meet up event scheduled for about a week later in the Milwaukee area and I drove down for that.  About 40 other Circle members came from Wi and neighboring states.  It was so much fun and we got to Yudu and item we brought.  I did a tote bag, others did T'shirt, scrapbook albums, etc.  I won a T-shirt at this event.  Everyone in attendance got a goodie bag with Cricut product. 

In July there was also an online promotion where you could nominate your school for a Cricut Expression which I did.  So my school is getting a Cricut expression free of charge.  ($299 retail value) How cool is that? 

In the short two months I've been a member I feel my membership has been paid 3 times over!  I know there is so much more to come as well....a swarm (400 Circle members) out in Utah in October and it was just announced there will be a Cruise in 2011! 

Anyway, I can refer others to become Cricut Circle members.  If you are interested please send me an e-mail with your e-mail address and I will make sure you get an invitation to join the Circle so you can be part of the fun!  Remember, just by joining you automatically get 4 exclusive cartridges in a year not availalbe to non-circle members so that alone pays for your membership!  If you are interested please send me an e-mail message that contains your e-mail address to LFALDUTO at charter dot net


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mommyfink said...

Wow sure made a killing at CHA! I knew about the Imagine but not the Cake. How AWESOME for you!!!!!!