Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prima Flowers

Today I have another post up over at Craft Test Dummies all about Prima flowers.  I love Prima flowers and I really like reflecting back on where Prima flowers started several years ago and where they are today. 

Make sure you follow the link above to read my article over at Craft Test Dummies and then below you will find step by step instructions for creating your own copies of these designs!

1. I painted my wooden block ivory using acrylic paint.

2. Next I took a glue pen and glitter and added some sparkle all the way around to each edge so once I had mounted paper on the block you would have a sparkled edge.

3. Then I took and cut patterned paper squares that coordinated with my flowers to fit on each side of my block and attached them with a liquid glue. You will need to unscrew the paper clip to cover the top.

4. Then I attached one flower to each of the 4 sides.

5. Then I added my photos and to finish it off, tied a neat wired bow at the bottom of the paper clip.

1. Cut patterned cardstock to fit around the base.

2. Cut a coordinating color cardstock to fit behind the patterned cardstock so a bit is showing for contrast.

3. Stick both strips around the jar.

4. Tie a bow using a coordinating piece of ribbon to the neck of the jar.

5. Place a Prima Kalanchoe Watermelon flower right on the front of the patterned cardstock. The pearl is already in the center of the flower for you!


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