Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fabulous Finds!

I am a collector of all things Paper Crafting related. Not just the stuff you find in the LSS or other craft store, but all kinds of trinkets and treasures. I look for stuff everywhere and recycle all kinds of cool things for my projects. The photo is a couple of examples. The metal buckle was taken from my 3 year old daughters blue jeans. It was a belt and to tell you the truth I'm not sure why you would want a belt on a young child's pants with as fast as they sometimes have to use the bathroom! So I take them off and use the pieces in my Paper crafting. The ribbon in the picture is from a candle package, wrapped neatly around the outside. I took it off and am adding it to my ribbon collection! Anyway, I challenge you to start looking at containers, clothing, and all items in a new way to discover what you can recycle for use in your Paper Crafting!

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RobinDiane said...

Great blog. I love recycling things too!