Monday, February 25, 2008

Inspiration...another look!

So I spoke of inspiration on the blog in an earlier post. Well, as I stated inspiration is all around us and with that in mind I want to share some recent inspiration I discovered.

My family and I went to the Mall of America in Minneapolis this past weekend for a several days of family fun. The amusement park in the center of the mall is being remodeled and it will now be a Nickelodeon theme park. They were busy adding the characters on rides and building new rides and buildings as well. So I got a lot of inspiration seeing the new colors they are adding and the new lines of all the construction projects. Anyway, I now have a couple of new layout ideas based on the inspiration in that area!

Also as we were walking through the mall there is just tons of inspiration! Colors, store window displays, signage, and something I had not thought much about before...people! Just looking at what people wear or how their hair is done, maybe their jewelry, just inspires me.

So I just wanted to say after being away for several days to make sure you are looking for that inspiration where ever you go! Even in places you don't think you will find it, there it will be!

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