Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello Girl Friday!!!

I am a list girl. I love lists and love checking things off of lists. I have this terrible flaw of being organized. Well, most of the time that is!

So when I saw the Girl Friday line by Cosmo Cricket it just reminded me of making lists. I've been wanting something small that I can carry around for grocery shopping, things I need to do, etc. I found this cute little book at Michael's and it was the perfect size for what I wanted to create so I bought it, brought it home, pulled out my Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday line and went to work!
You can also see this project on the Cosmo Cricket blog. My friend Julie puts my things up now and then when she has some space available. She is one creative girl!
Anyway leave a comment for me and let me know what you think about lists! Do you use them? Is this book something you would create?


Colleen said...

I love this book. Would make a fun class.

connie said...

I love this book. I saw it on the cosmo cricket blog also. I would definitely like to make one.

Tona said...

I love lists. I don't think I could function witout lists LOl. I've made a To-Do List book that has short term & long term sections in it for chores that need to be done both inside the house & outside. I made it for my husband but he pretty much ignores it LOl.

pattyb said...

I make lists all the time...and then I lose them. I have some of those cheap little notebooks they sell at Walgreens. I buy them when they have them for 10 cents each, so when I lose it I am not upset. Except I have to start my list over. Yeah I am a little nuts. But I love your idea of decorating it...then it might stand out more!

java diva said...

I saw this on Julie's blog! :) I love how you titled it!! I might have to duke it out with you over the Title. ;)