Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update on House remodel!

Ok, yesterday my fireplace guy was here to work on the installation. Hopfully by today the fireplace will be installed and I can take a photo to post later or maybe by tomorrow.

Carepeting comes on Thursday, still have to rip out the old to prep. All the walls have been painted and I did one accent wall in a burgundy red color. Very bold for me I must say but I think since I started doing paper Craft design I've gotten more bold with other things as well.

Furniture delivered on Friday and I cannot wait. I cannot wait to get settled in again and get organized. We have furniture everywhere! It is a mess, a huge mess in my house. I want to be back to normal!

Stay tuned......I will be posting soon with the fireplace and then of course the new furniture and carpeting later in the week. Once I get all of this done I should have some paper crafting time again!

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