Monday, November 1, 2010

Newest Crafting Toy!

Hey there!

I thought today I would share my latest crafting toy with all of you! I was thrilled to received a brand new Cricut Imagine machine a couple of weeks ago from Provo Craft. I am really excited because I get to use my Imagine in my design work with the Cricut Circle. I have been playing with it a bit and so far I am really enjoying it.

This machine prints designs using HP inkjet technology. Once you have printed an item out the machine then cuts it around the edge. Very cool! I've done a few simple cuts and really need a good block of time to sit down and really learn to use the Imagine. Once I do, I will create something really cool to share with you here on the blog, so stay tuned for the coming in the near future!

So, is this on your christmas list?



Tanya said...

Uh, I am so jealous! It is on my dream list :) Can't wait to see what you make!

jen said...

AWESOME!!! :) Looking forward to your creation!