Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok, so like I said, the Cricut Imagine is cool. I talked in my previous post about how it can print and cut. I also shared how it can print and cut layers that you can build to create dimension.

Well to even make things more cool, did you know you can add different colors and patterns to your designs before you print and cut? That's right! In addition to the art cartridges there are also pattern cartridges with colors and patterns! Also if you know the RBG color of a particular paper and want to match it up, you can do that too!

Nope, don't know how to do all of that yet. Like I said I need some time to really sit down and learn my new machine. I will get time and then I will share more with you.


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Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say Hi Lisa...enjoy your new Imagine!! Sharon