Thursday, March 11, 2010

New project!

Ok, a couple of days ago I posted about a new Basic Grey line that I picked up and I asked all of you to tell me what to make. The majority said an altered item. But there was one particular comment that intriged me, challenged me, and I decided to take on the challenge! Here is the post...

Kitty said...
Spring tennis practice opens in two weeks. I will have MANY tennis ball canisters-both aluminum and plastic-lying around. There must be something to create from them!! :) The new Basic Grey line is bold, bright, and colorful. Thanks for all your inspiration

So just to let you know, I have no tennis balls nor tennis ball cans at my house. I have shelves full of altered items. But this one intriged me. What can I do with a tennis ball can? So I headed to the store and picked one up. My daughter will love playing with the pink tennis balls inside of the can!

In one of the photos you see the altered tennis ball can with cover. I used a Martha Stewart punch to make the decorative border and simply layered on the paper and then used the chipboard flower, stem and leaves. You could also add some glitter to the elements if you wanted it to sparkle. So the first photo is an Easter candy tube. What fun, huh?

Then I started wondering what else you could do with it so I turned it into a vase. You could add real water! (sorry, flowers are not the best match)

What a great Easter hostess gift. You take the tube full of candy along with a bunch of spring flowers. The hostess empties out the candy tube, adds water, and displays the flowers!

Thanks Kitty for your great idea to alter a tennis ball can! That really inspired and stretched me today!



Kitty said...

Thanks for the great ideas using all those tennis ball cans I'll have, Lisa! Very clever!

Godzoned said...

very cute idea.
Love how you decorated it and it can be used in two ways.

way to go!