Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Scrapbook Day Giveaway!

Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone! It just wouldn't be NSD without a giveaway! I want to send you to my very crafty friend Jenny's blog and I am doing my giveaway there! She owns a website called Craft Test Dummies and always has some crafty fun going on over there! You can go to the direct post link with my giveaway by clicking Here.

Anyway, follow the instructions on Craft Test Dummies for your chance to win!  Also  post here and let me know what crafty thing you have up your sleeve for NSD!



pattyb said...

Lots of scrapping today for me Lisa. Lots of challenges online and lots of catching up. Happy NSD!

rstuck2003 said...

I was making cards for our Wounded Warriors and for our troops to send home to their families but I just got home from the ER! Thought I had a kidney stone, ended up having an allergic reaction to the pain medication!

Sandra said...

I had a great day at the LSS with an all day crop. We were greeted with goodies (crafting and eating) and they just keep coming throughout the day. Absolutely fun!!!

Rstuck: I hope you are doing better now. Take care of yourself.

she flies with her own wings said...
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