Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peeks coming tomorrow!

You lucky and loyal Paper Fashions blog followers are going to be the very first to get a sneak peek of what is being released on my new website Paper Fashions Boutique on June 1st!  Why do you guys get the first peek? 

1.  You have been loyal blog followers for quite some time giving me feedback and supporting my craziness through the years.
2.  You all jumped in and helped me out with the survey a couple of months ago that led to this entire venture!  For that I am very grateful and giving you guys the first peek is my way of saying, "thanks so much for all of your valuable feedback."
3.  Well shucks, I just love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the official sneak peek blog post is going up tomorrow morning at 9:00 am Central Standard time right here on my blog.  I will be sending out a newsletter either later tomorrow or Thursday morning to the entire list so if you are on my list you will get full peeks at that time.  If you are not signed up head over to my website now and be sure to get added to the list.  Paper Fashions Boutique

If anyone has any questions at all for me, post them below or send me an e-mail at info at paperfashionsboutique dot com.



mustangkayla said...

Oooh...how exciting! Can't wait!

chignon said...

I plan to peek tomorrow! Thanks for thinking of us :o)