Monday, March 17, 2008

Bright and Colorful

Maybe it is because spring is on the horizon, I'm not sure, but I have really been into bright and cheery colors lately! I finished this layout last night and wanted to share with everyone!

Right now my daughter is in a phase of building and figuring out how things go together and work. I wanted to capture a picture of her totally immersed in one of her creative building projects and got this shot. This is a set of gears with some bugs along with the set that you place on top of a gear and then you spin them around. It is a very cute and fun set and she really enjoys creating with it.

She has also been interested lately in my scrapbooking. So today she and I are going to be working together on her very own scrapbook. I told her yesterday that we should do a little scrapbook of her favorite things. So this morning we start taking pictures and then over the next couple of days will work on creating a little album to hold the photos. I'll post when we have a few things in the album to share!


Monica Jo said...

Love the bright colors. Such a great page.

Lea said...

Love this layout! The colors and details are so perfect together.

MamaSheg said...

Wow, gorgeous all that color!

Heather_Rochelle said...

beutiful and bright colors i love it
Heather Allen
Fiskateer #3825

simplybeadiful said...

Would you like an additional bugs and gears? I see that Meliah is enjoying them... I have a set that is looking for a good home! You know where to find me! Love the layout! Erin