Tuesday, March 18, 2008

National Craft Month at Fiskars

So as I posted earlier in the month, it is National Craft month! Fiskars crafts has so many things going on for the month!

I am a Fiskateer and have so much fun being a member of the community over there. The Lead's have done some challenges and giveaways to celebrate. I was also asked to create a project for the Fiskars Craft website where other Fiskateers are featured each day for the entire month! The project above is what I created. So make sure to head over to Fiskars crafts and check out more detailed photos and instructions for my project as well as all the other Fiskateers who have created something to celebrate! There are some awesome projects that folks have created.

If you are not a Fiskateer yet, well you really should sign up! There is always something fun going on and it sounds like they have so much planned for the rest of 2008! The community over there is so postitive, helpful, and inspiring.

I'm busy with a couple of new projects so check back as I will post them as I finish. Right now I am busy with my 4 year old as she is creating her own scrapbook! She is so excited about it each time we work on it! So Maybe I'll post a couple of shots of that as well!


Deanna said...

Ohh Lisa! That party project is gorgeous!!!

Julie O. said...

That was YOUR project??? Oh wow... I was just so amazed when I saw that. Absolutely fabulous Lisa!! Very, very creative!!!

Colleen said...

I love your party project. Wow, so talented. Please post pictures of your daughters pages. We have to encourage the young to scrapbook.