Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She scrapbooks!

Ok, as promised here is a picture of my daughter's first attempt at scrapbooking! I laid out an entire kit of supplies and let her do whatever she wanted. She just turned four and she was so excited to scrapbook just like mommy does!

It was loads of fun watching her. She didn't take any time to think about what she was doing at all, she just dug right in. Unlike her mother who obsesses over every piece I choose and just how to place it. LOL

We had such a great time creating her very first pages of her new scrapbook!


rofl57 said...

Oh how fun is that !!! She did a good job too, I especially like her highlighting technique.

NanaBeth said...

Wow-it's hard to believe she is only 4. You must have passed the talented gene on in full strength. Really great job!

Colleen said...

She did a wonderful job. Very talented for only 4 years old.