Saturday, March 22, 2008

Growing Up!

Last weekend we went to visit some friends who just had a baby. There is nothing sweeter than holding a new baby in your arms. It is a reminder of all the hope, joys, and dreams we hold dear for that new little life.
My daughter decided she wanted to hold the baby too! So she sat on the couch and posed for a picture. As she sad there holding that sweet new baby, I couldn't help but think of how much she has grown since she was born. I felt sad that this time seems to be going so quickly and how quickly she is growing. Sometimes I say to her, "Meliah, please stop growing so I can keep you this size forever." She replies, "Mama, that isn't the way the world works." I am so happy with the way she is growing, and changing and developing. She is just such a light in our world.
So for those of you with children, take time to reflect and appreciate who they were, who they are, and what they will choose to become as they grow in life!

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