Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Design Team info

Ok, as promised I am back to post more about being on a manufacturer design team. Here is what you need to ask yourself first?

1. Do I have the time to be on a Design Team? Each team is different and has different requirements. Be realistic about what you can handle.

2. Are you good with deadlines? Because manufacturers need your work and sometimes even on very short notice!

If you are serious about being on a manufacturer team here is what I tell folks!

1. Choose your tp 3 manufacturers and make those 3 teams you goal.
2. Try to get to know about the culture of the company and if you would be a fit.
3. If you are near an event that the manufacturer is attending to to visit and get to know them. Share some pictures of your work. Network!
4. Find an e-mail contact at the company to send an online gallery of your work and ask if they are having a call soon.
5. Don't give up, sometimes it takes a long time to get on a team. Once you build your resume and a good reputation you will continue to be invited on more teams.

Hopefully this has helped you a bit! Whatever you do, choose manufacturers that you are passionate about. You will do your best work if you are totally in love with the product.

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Great tips from an expert! Miss you! How are you?!