Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well I figure somewhere out there in blogger land there must be someone with a birthday today! Sometimes I like to create some items to keep on hand so in a pinch when I need something for a birthday I have a special package to put it in . That is what today's project is for. A nice birthday box all ready to go when I am pressed for time and need something fast. Of course everyone expects Lisa the paper crafter to at least have their package done in something crafty!

Stay tuned....because if you have been following my blog over the past year you will recall that each year we do a cocktail party for my husband's employees at our home. Each year I create handmade invitations specially for this event. So I already have a design in mind and a special thanks to my fried Rita who had just enough of one particular pattern I needed to be able to make the amount of invitations I will need. So huge thanks to you Rita for swooping in a saving my invitation making season!

So I shall post a picture in the next day or two once I have tweaked the design. Then of course I will want feedback everyone!


Rita said...

Looking forward to the finished invitation Lisa! Glad I had what you needed in my stash!

Tona said...

This is beyond adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Too bad it's not my birthday. LOL!

Super cute project Lisa, I can't wait to see the invitations.

Debby said...

I love it!