Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Organization

So today is the last post I have for organization. Unless of course I get some comments on this thread from people wanting to know any specifics about how I have organized other things in my craft room. So if you have been struggling with a organizing a certain item, I am more than willing to share how I organize that in my own room and if it is something I don't have I will see what creative solutions I can come up with! So feel free to post what some of your craft space organizational challenges are for you.

This last photo shows how I organize my Cricut cartridges. I simply took some scrap wood we had out in our garage, took some measurements, and built my shelf. Then I mounted it on the wall, and you now see the cartridges in the rack. I could have painted it or stained it but decided to leave it plain. Incidentally I just recently purchased the Cricut Gypsy and loaded all of my cartridges on there so it looks like I am not going to need to have these out and accessible any longer. I can store them away in a box in our storage room. I think I will keep the books out from each cartridge box to use because sometimes looking at my Gypsy screen I cannot easily make out what the graphic is. The books will surely help me. So now I need to come up with a storage solution for keeping my Cricut books handy and accessible. Anyone have any ideas for me?

Stay tuned, because starting tomorrow I will be posting my CHA creations for Cosmo Cricket! I have 9 things to share total so those will be coming. I will post one a day for 9 consecutive days!


mustangkayla said...

I CANNOT wait to see your CC creations!

Funny you should post about the cartridges today. I was given a cuttlebug for Christmas. I have Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Nestabilities and Quickutz dies. They are all different enough that I'm not sure how to organize them. Do you have a manual die cut machine? If so how do you organize all the dies?


Tona said...

How about if you keep your books in a wooden box that you alter as only you can ;)
I can't wait to see what you've created for Cosmo Cricket.

lavendarrose29 said...

Megan at had a great storage solition for the cartridges and the books.