Friday, January 22, 2010

Die Cut Organization

Mustangkayla had commented that she would love to know how I store my die cuts. So I took some photos of the ways that I store them. I do not buy too many die cuts anymore with my Cricut and Gypsy, but I still see one now and then that I really want and have to have!

So here is what you see in the photos above:

1. You will see a binder that contains embossing folders and thin dies. This is just a cheap 8 1/2"x11" binder. I found some clear sleeve pages for storing baseball cards. My husband actually had these and gave them to me when he cleaned out his baseball card collection a couple of years ago. So I slip the small embossing folders and dies in these. The front of my binder contains my larger embossing folders and I am out of room so very soon will need to figure out a solution for those.

2. You can see the large dies are in the upright storage cases made by Sizzix. Not sure if they sell those anymore but the black box next to it is from Sizzix as well and has some larger dies in it and that is a more recent item. I like it because it is closed, and the dies are stored on end inside the box.

3. Recently I got some actual boxes made by Sizzix that will store my thin dies for me as you can see.

Now as far as organizing the Nestabilities or other wafter thin and odd shaped dies I am going to say that you should check to see if Michael's or JoAnn's has some divided page protectors and again use the binder system like I have created for my other dies.

Post questions if you have them and I will respond to them right on the comment thread!


Lisa's Scrap Site said...


mustangkayla said...

Thank you! Great ideas! I just sold a 12x12 zip around binder at my garage sale over the summer. It would have been perfect for the dies...ugh...I like the finder idea!

maddy hill said...

Thanks they have given me some great ideas for storage on the move too !
maddy x

Michelle said...

fantastic use of the trading acrd sleeves! i use them for my atc's and have plenty! where will you be at cha? on sunday I'll be at the fiskars booth 10am -2pm and off to explore the floor!

RitaS said...

ya know...years ago someone gave us a box of STUFF for the kids. In it was a huge banded stack of baseball card sleeves. I wonder if I gave them to my nephew or if they are still in a cupboard in the shed. will have to look!