Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Storing punches, decorative scissors, etc.

So, if you are like me you have lots of tools. I have border punches, corner punches, decorative edge rulers, decorative edge scissors, and the list goes on. You would think that at one time I was on the Fiskars Design Team! LOL

Anyway, how to store all these creative things? I do not have enough wall space or I surely would have built a rack. I needed to condense things so they didn't take over my entire room so my solution was those nice $1.00-2.50 clear storage boxes you buy at the discount store.

So first I purchased a storage cabinet (have a total of 3 in my craft room). I got these at my local Menard's for $59.99 a piece. Then I picked up some of the plastic coated wire racks so I could create shelves on shelves to maximize my space and keep things even more organized.

The result? Lots of space for all of my tools and it is easy to keep organized. When I want to use something I just slide out the bucket and slide it back in. Since they are see through I didn't label them but you could surely do that if you wanted to.


doverdi said...

I recently bought one of these storage cupboards to hold all of my SU stamp sets. I liked the idea of having them hidding behind "closed doors" as I have way too many of them. Right now I am working on labelling the ends of their cases so that I'll know what set is what by glancing at the labels. I also have a couple of fabric bins that I'll keep on the bottom shelf and will store my seasonal sets in them. I'm hoping that when I'm finished, I'll have room for one more of these cupboards & possible store all my Fiskars punches, etc in it similiar to what you've done. Great idea...thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

I am LOVING your organizing posts Lisa....if you could see my scraproom right now you'd die - I'm sure. It looks like a tornado whipped through here. BUT, I'm getting organized, believe it or not. It's my end-of-January resolution. I'm giving myself 2 weeks.

(oh, how appropriate...the word verification I have to type in below is "messi")

TracyM said...

I have mine stored in exactly the same way. I have punched out some tags to label each one but that is still work in progres.....one day I'll get them done. Sometimes fossicking through the tub opens up some new ideas for a project too :)